Find rising stars and discover extraordinary works...NEXT gallery invites you to a journey into the art world!


  "From art lovers to collectors, you'll be carried away by the passion and enthusiasm of the NEXT Gallery team. We design our artistic approach by an accurate choice of art pieces and by a warm welcome. James Dean on posters, Mao Dog in bright red resin, Gainsbourg with dripping, Pop Art is honored. Here, in NEXT gallery, the knowledge and the artistic encounter are combined to smile and pleasure, and sharing is the key of the team approach. Art is, above all else, fun! Unusual works of high quality urban art in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, what could be better?! To those who think that art is boring, NEXT Gallery shows you the opposite! 

Best Pop artists come together to offer you an emotional and entertaining discovery. Enter in and you will realize that the gallery does not forget to offer some fun at high dose. Being competent is one thing, being interesting, to stand out, be original is another. It is well known that it is rarely the tops of the class who are the funniest! "